Trouble Breastfeeding? Tongue Tie May be the Cause

Trouble Breastfeeding? Tongue Tie May be the Cause It is well known that breastfeeding has an incredibly positive effect on children’s growth and development. Unfortunately, many breastfeeding parents run into problems when trying to feed their child. If you are struggling to breastfeed your child, whether due to pain or discomfort, plugged ducts or low milk supply, it may seem easier to give up and switch to another feeding option. However, these problems are often caused by an easy to solve problem: tongue tie. Tongue tie, whether anterior or posterior, is an easily diagnosable condition that can cause severe issues for both you and your baby. Keep reading below to learn more about the signs and symptoms of tongue tie as well as treatment options. Signs Your Infant May Have a Tongue Tie If your child has a tongue tie, signs and symptoms will be noticeable in both the baby…