Our practice is focused on diagnosing and treating infants, children and adults with tethered oral tissues (TOTs). TOT is primarily tongue ties, lip ties and to a lesser extent buccal ties.


We provide timely and efficient laser services for patients throughout the Greater Toronto and Horseshoe Area (GTHA). Our dentists are affiliated with several dental offices to make it convenient for our patients. Please visit our Contact Us/Location tab for an office near you.

Types of Tethered Oral Tissue (TOTs):
1) Dental Laser Treatment for Anterior Tongue Tie
2) Treatment for Posterior Tongue Tie
3) Treatment for Lip Tie
4) Dental Laser Treatment for Combination Lip/Tongue Tie

Why soft tissue laser treatment?

The soft tissue laser operation is relatively simple and you will be able to take your child home right after the procedure is completed. A follow up appointment will be scheduled for you.

AnteriorTongue Tie

The underside, tip of the tongue is connected to the floor of the mouth being connected by the lingual frenulum membrane. It causes decreased mobility of the tongue tip.

Lip Tie

The maxillary frenulum is the tissue attaching the middle upper lip to the infant’s gums. It can interfere with normal mobility and reduce the function of the upper lip.

Posterior tongue tied

The tongue tie is hidden under the mucus lining of the mouth. This type of tongue tie is not visible. You can feel it if you run a finger underneath the tongue from side to side.

Combination Tongue/Lip Tie

A combination of maxillary and lingual or posterior tongue tie. This combination is particularly challenging for breastfeeding infants.


  • Gassy
  • Colic
  • Low weight
  • Drooling
  • Swallowing problems
  • Difficulty moving the tongue from side to side
  • Trouble sticking out tongue past the lower front teeth
  • Reflux
  • Vomiting
  • Pain
  • Difficulty licking lips
  • Tongue cannot reach the roof of the mouth
  • Impaired tongue mobility

Where can you treat kids for tongue tied?

Newborn babies with tongue tied and feeding problems should consult a pediatric dentist  experienced with undertaking the procedure. Dr. Phu-My Gep and Dr. Emily Nguyen at Gep TOTs Dental Group is experienced and certified to treat to treat this condition and we encourage you to come in for a check up as early as possible or as suggested by your doctor or pediatrician. Our dentists are trained in using dental lasers to assist in quicker healing times and less post-operative pain. The laser can instantly correct tongue tied and your baby will be able to breastfeed immediately following the procedure.


Dentistry is an essential service

Our offices adhere to the COVID 19 requirements and have changed our policy to protect your family and our team in a safe environment.


Please do not bring siblings and additional people to the office.

Patients under 6 months both parents may attend the clinic

Please fill out the COVID 19 questionnaire in our Resources link on the day of your child’s appointment.

For more information, please visit our Resources and Welcome letter pages.



Virtual/teledentistry appointments are an added feature as we expand our services to better meet the needs of our growing community of patients.


Benefits of Virtual Appointments

  1. Patients who will be travelling from a distance
  2. Limits unnecessary travel and more efficient clinical time.
  3. Older patients who will cooperate in a virtual setting.
  4. Patients who might need pre-operative support prior to surgical intervention (bodywork, speech therapy, myofunctional therapy)
  5. Out of town/province patients who need confirmation if a restriction exists and surgical intervention is necessary (there is a vast network of providers that the dentist can direct you to for surgical intervention or additional paraprofessional support if necessary)

For more information: Resources, Virtual Welcome Letter

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