Dr. Emily Nguyen

Dr. Emily Nguyen obtained her DDS from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry.

The pandemic has provided new opportunities. With all the protocols and restrictions put in place to keep patients and staff safe, Dr. Gep (her aunt) asked Dr. Nguyen to join the practice and she stepped right in without hesitation. With the opportunity to work closely with a pediatric dentist, Dr. Nguyen has thrived in working closely with Dr. Gep. Her exceptional dental skills and friendly personality has made her an integral part of the dental team.

Dr. Nguyen has also received advanced training in all aspects of dentistry, including but not limited to, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, prosthodontics, laser dentistry, oral facial pain diagnosis and treatment, and management of medically compromised patients. She is a well-rounded family dentist and can treat patients of any age from cradle to geriatric.

Many infants and mothers suffer through breast feeding difficulties due to an undiagnosed tongue-tie and/or lip tie. Undiagnosed tongue tie also can lead to gas, colic, reflux and other feeding issues as well as speech delay. It can contribute to a myriad of other issues. 

Tethered oral tissues (TOT) can run in the family. If you suspect you or your child has a tongue tie or a health professional has suggested that your child has a tongue tie, please contact our office for a consultation. Many people have tongue ties but not all tongue ties need to be released. Get the professional advice you need.

Dr. Nguyen works at multiple locations throughout the GTA. Markham is the head office and Tongue Tie Clinics are on Tuesdays with complimentary lactation support. She is in Markham on Mon, Tue and Fridays. By special appointment, she is at the Bloor West office on Wed and alternate Saturdays. Patients requiring surgery under general anesthesia is in Mississauga.

When she is not working, you might find her on the tennis courts or working on her elaborate costumes!