Dr. Phu-My Gep

Dr. Phu-My Nguyen Gep

Dr. Phu-My Gep received her dental degree at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN in 1996 and a Master’s degree in pediatric training at the University of Toronto in Toronto, ON in 2000. She has practiced in York Region since graduation.

She built a successful pediatric and orthodontic practice in Woodbridge for 15 years. She enjoyed creating a dental home for her pediatric patients providing comprehensive dental care for children of all ages. She has been one of the first pediatric dentists in the GTA that started providing tongue tie surgeries (frenectomies) in 2013. It is one of the most rewarding aspects of her practice that has helped infants breastfeed efficiently and relieve the discomfort and stress some mothers have with a tongue-tied newborn.

She sold her practice in 2019 to follow her passion for laser treatment of tongue and lip ties and currently practices in Markham and Toronto. With the addition of virtual consults, she can assess patients outside of the GTA. Patients also reach out to her from out of province and internationally! Focusing her practice solely on tethered oral tissues has given her an opportunity to reconnect with patients and their families.
Unfortunately recognizing a tongue-tie is not part of the regular medical or dental curriculum. She has guided many dentists throughout the GTA to add this aspect to their practice and continues to be a source of advice and guidance.

Many infants and mothers suffer through breast feeding difficulties due to an undiagnosed tongue-tie and/or lip tie. Undiagnosed tongue tie also can lead to gas, colic, reflux and other feeding issues as well as speech delay. It can contribute to a myriad of other issues. Dr. Gep has experience in releasing tongue and lip ties.

Tethered oral tissues (TOT) can run in the family. If you suspect you or your child has a tongue tie or a health professional has suggested that your child has a tongue tie, Dr. Gep can help!
Many people have tongue ties but not all tongue ties need to be released. Get the professional advice you need.

As a mother who also struggled with nursing, Dr. Gep sympathizes with the mom guilt complex. You don’t have to be Super Mom all the time, it is ok to take the cape off every once in a while and let a knowledgeable professional help.